Helen shares her experience about the use of Bach Flower Remedies for the mental and emotional attitudes often associated with those who have PTSD symptoms.


The book includes: 

  • What are the Bach Flower Remedies
  • How to choose which Bach Flower Remedy to use
  • How to take the Bach Flower Remedies
  • Which remedies are most associated with the attitudes associated with PTSD
  • References and Resources

The book is available via print or Kindle through


Due for release by April 30, 2022



“The clinical hypnotist usually knows what he is doing. The family hypnotist rarely if ever does.” Gil Boyne, founder of the American Council for Hypnotist Examiners attributed this statement to psychiatrist R.D. Lang, who wrote ”The Politics of the Family Dream.”


In this book Helen explains how parents can use simple hypnotic techniques to help their children be more successful with school, relationships, sports, and the many challenges of growing up.