Helen Hess, Clinical Hypnotherapist,  Certified Instructor




At Dynamic Mastery, Inc., Hypnosis and other mind-body techniques are used to help you turn on your inner light to clear the darkness of the inner fears and stumbling blocks which have interfered with your success. Now  you can clearly see the path of where you choose to go.


In the song lyric “I can see clearly now, the rain has come,” the meaning is not that obstacles have disappeared; rather, that you can see what the obstacles are; and you can move around them, or over them, or through them. We turn on the light to see clearly what is to be done.                                                Helen Hess,12/11/2015


I lead clients along the pathway towards health and healing as they make that choice for themselves.


I was raised in a very large family. It was my initial laboratory in watching people interact and listening to them speak. My father was very fascinated with the mind and how it worked. I picked this interest up from him and began reading all his books.


Over 40 years ago I became a nurse and worked in the hospital at the bedside. I discovered I had a special ability to calm and soothe patients and family members. As a nurse I noticed that the way people thought, felt and acted, affected their health. For more than 20 years I worked as a psychiatric nurse practitioner performing psychiatric assessments, psychotherapy, and prescribing and managing medication. During my nursing career I also pursued my interest in the mind-body connection. I learned to meditate and write my own affirmations. I learned hypnosis along with a variety of other modalities. My goal was to find the right tool to help all people. 

This goal led me to accumulate a toolbox full of unique tools. My work then migrated to finding the right tool for individuals in specific situations. I have found that the answer is within. I have many tools with which I have become proficient to access the subconscious mind. While I use traditional forms of hypnosis, I have realized that there is more than one way to get there. So..., sometimes I use other modalities with the hypnosis, such as Bach Flowers, the Mind Mirror Brainwave Biofeedback, Kundalini Yoga.  or any other mind body technique that I believe will enhance one's healing. 


I am also a teacher. The ultimate goal is to teach one the skills to help themselves. the skills for them to find their answers. My teaching experience began in elementary school as a tutor. Later, as a nurse, I taught person specific self-care at the bedside and childbirth education classes to expecting parents. For several years through the Sunnyside Foundation I taught Spectra Dynamics, Joy, and developed classes using this understanding of the mind.  Since my training  in hypnosis, Bach Flowers, and Kundalini Yoga I have taught classes specific to each of these topics. In the class, Dynamic Mastery, I have integrated mind-emotions-body-spirit into a unique model of the mind. Dynamic Mastery is dedicated to teaching the student self-mastery at all levels - Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. 



  • In my current private practice as a professional clinical hypnotherapist and Bach Flower Registered Practitioner,  I do not provide medical or psychiatric diagnoses; neither do I prescribe medication.