Cactus spines

Several years ago, I bumped into a cactus and a cactus spine became embedded in my right lower leg.  I was unable to move that muscle and thus was unable to walk.  I knew how to walk, and with the cactus spine embedded, I was unable to walk. As soon as the spine was removed I was able to walk. Normal function was restored.

The process of hypnotherapy facilitates the removal of the ‘cactus spines’ from one’s life experience. This results in an immediate improvement in function.  Many clients have told me, “I know what to do, but I don’t do it.”  Other comments are: “I don’t know what to do.” “I don’t like what I do.” “I hate my (fill in the blank).”

In other words, they are experiencing physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual pain; which is impairing their life experience. I design individual sessions to guide you in “removing your cactus spines.”

Common ‘cactus spines’ I have addressed with hypnotherapy include: physical health issues, pain, stress, phobias, procrastination, maladaptive behaviors, strained relationships, unhappiness, fear and dissatisfaction. As I have guided clients through hypnotherapy to remove their ‘cactus spines’, they have experienced improved functionality, better relationships, greater life satisfaction and a healthier lifestyle.

I have utilized hypnotherapy for phobias, anxiety, panic attacks, fears, nightmares, intrusive memories, pain, lowering blood pressure, grief, job dissatisfaction, life dissatisfaction, relationships, habit change, decision making, poor self-esteem, and the recovery of memories.