Medical conditions and emotions

Many medical conditions are not just physical, but emotional. In particular, if you notice a pattern of recurring illness, it may be the result of persistent negative emotions residing in the subconscious. Until those negative emotions are resolved, the pattern of recurring illness will continue. Acknowledgement of this concept is what leads many people to hypnotherapy. It is a good start, because if you can own it (i.e., take responsibility for the emotional state and make a choice to change it) you can disown it (i.e., release the negativity and adopt positive emotions associated with good health). To own it means that you acknowledge, “I created this; therefore, I can uncreate it.” Until you own it you cannot control it, because you are convinced you have no power. For example, I am fat because my mother made me eat too much. That puts the blame on events in the past that cannot be changed. “Owning it” places choices in the present tense, where behaviors can indeed be changed.