Helen's specialty is in Health Hypnosis. She has two primary focal points - pain management, AKA "COMFORT HYPNOSIS," and Weight Loss.



From now until September 30, Helen will be giving a 15% discount for pain management hypnosis sessions.

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FAQ - 

1. Does my doctor need to know?   Yes, you will need to get written permission from your doctor for hypnosis. As hypnosis can decrease the pain signalling, you may need to decrease your medication. 

2. How many sessions will I need?  Most need at least 4 sessions. Others may need 9 or more. This is assessed on an individual basis.  Ideally, the first two sessions are 1-2 days apart; the third session is one week later, and the fourth session usually 1-2 weeks later. 

3. How can I improve my response? Helen will assign you "hypnosis homework." The subconscious learns through repetition and practice.  

4. How does hypnosis decrease pain? Pain is a signal, and since "there is no pain until it gets to the brain," hypnotic techniques assist in turning down the signal. Hypnosis also helps to decrease your stress. Stress is associated with tight sore muscles, and as you relax and release stress, those muscle also relax. Many notice that their sleep improves and their energy improves as this stress is decreased. 

5. When did they start to use hypnosis for pain?  The use of hypnosis for healing dates back to the time of the sleeping temples in ancient Egypt and Greece. More recently, in the 19th century, James Esdaile, MD used hypnosis (then called mesmerism)  for surgical anesthesia.  Since that time, hypnosis has been used in a variety of situations (ie, dentistry, childbirth)  to either create anesthesia or analgesia.  In fact, around 1960, Helen's sister  had cut her arm on glass, and the doctor used hypnosis when he put in the stitches. 

Virtual gastric band - Group

In hypnosis, it is "as if" a gastric band is placed around the stomach to limit how much one can eat.  

The next group begins: TBA


Group Size is limited to 10 




  • Four weekly group hypnosis sessions: 
  • A hypnotic reinforcement recording for daily use
  • 15% off one private hypnosis session


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